(Dates to be announced)

The Pasta Club

The Pasta Club offers three selections from which to choose for you or your PASTA LOVER....give the 'gift of Pasta' !

The Purist

~ Fresh Rolled Pasta

~ Complimentary Sauce

~ A "take & bake" Baguette

The Foodie

~ Fresh Ravioli (2 wks)

~ Fresh Rolled Pasta (2 wks)

~ Complimentary Sauce (4 wks)

~ A "take & bake" Baguette (4 wks)

The Entertainer

~ Fresh Ravioli (2 wks)

~ Fresh Rolled Pasta for four (1 wk)

~ Stuffed Lumaconi Shells (1 wk)

~ Complimentary Sauce & Bread (4 wks)

~ Burrata Cheese (2 wks)

How the Club Works

The Selections are a monthly offering. When you or someone that you gift becomes a member, you will receive a postcard that details what that month's selection includes. Each Saturday of the month the club member can present the card at our shoppe between the hours of 11:00 & 5:00 to receive that week's delights!